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TCI Trinity Construction & Investment is a community and neighborhood revitalization company serving Northeast Florida. TCI creates strategic partnerships with General Contractors, Trade Partners, Investors, Sellers, and Buyers of residential properties to improve communities, lifestyles, and increase profits. Florida Contractor License CBC1250420.


We believe real estate is its own asset class, requiring its own local specialists.


Any new construction on a site that has pre-existing uses. Redevelopment projects can range from a single structure to developing an entirely new neighborhood.


Construction starts with planning, design and financing and continues until the project is built and ready for use.

Our Services

For Sellers of Residential Housing

TCI provides a unique service SELL SMART™ that incorporates three options for sellers. SELL SMART™ creates a Home Modernization Plan with Financing Arranged to assist Sellers and Realtors by increasing marketability, simplifying pricing and negotiations with No Out of Pocket Up Front Costs.

For General Contractors and Trade Partners

TCI provides marketing, project financial structuring and back office systems enabling our contractor affiliates to stream line production in the field, and do what they do best; build quality housing effectively and efficiently. This ensures that our customers receive the highest quality product available.

For Undesirable Properties

Many properties in Northeast Florida have become functionally obsolete, or the property is not being used for it’s highest and best use. TCI and its Investors provide these property owners more options when selling these properties.

For Investors

TCI provides a streamlined investment process. Investors get the advantage of real estate investment without the inconveniences of creating estimates, working directly with contractors, tenancy and eviction laws, legal fees and paperwork, listings and closings, monthly collections and unknowns, and countless hours of research. Ultimately, this reduces risk and provides a turn-key solution for the investor’s needs. TCI qualifies, analyzes, prepares, presents and manages the investment.

For Buyers Of Residential Housing

TCI and our strategic partners provide the BUY SMART™ program and New Construction. The BUY SMART™ program allows the buyer to purchase a home in not so perfect condition with an all in one purchase and modernization loan. TCI and Partners provide all services required for the modernization loan and completes the improvements before the Buyer moves in. Thus, the buyer gets their Dream Home, all improvements are rolled into a 1st mortgage making them tax deductible and avoids future remodeling headaches.

Our Vision And Mission

Northeast Florida is in a period of dramatic growth and change. From the Beaches to Cecil Field, and from Amelia Island to St. Augustine, new businesses and 25,000+ new people per year are calling Northeast Florida their home.

TCI's mission is to be a team builder and solution provider for residential housing. As facilitators and managers of well trained, disciplined and efficient project teams, we provide renovation as well as new construction and investment opportunities in Northeast Florida residential real estate.

Meet Our Principals

Unless the Lord builds the house, it's builders labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

  • Paul Frase

    Paul Frase

    / President and COO

    Paul Frase grew up in Barrington, New Hampshire. He graduated from Syracuse University in 1988 with a BA in psychology. Paul went on to play professional football in the NFL for 11 years. He played 7 years with the New York Jets, 2 years with the Jacksonville Jaguars, 1 year with the Green Bay Packers (which culminated in a trip to the 1997-98 Super Bowl), and finished his career with the Baltimore Ravens in 1998. Paul received the Ed Block Courage Award an unprecedented 2 times while in the NFL. This award is voted on by other players, and honors one who has successfully returned to the field after sustaining a major injury or life challenge.

    Paul holds a Florida General Contracting License #CBC1250420 and Founded Paul Frase Homes, Inc. in 2002. He specialized in Design/Build of custom homes and light commercial properties throughout North Florida. Also, Paul managed projects for Tuscany Homes and was a lead builder for Coppenbarger Homes’ Custom Home Division. Paul joined TCI Trinity Construction & Investment in April of 2015.

    Paul and his wife Alison founded the Joshua Frase Foundation in 1996 to raise awareness and to fund research for an orphan disease called Myotubular Myopathy (MTM). Their son Joshua succumbed to this disease just a few weeks before his 16th birthday. Joshua’s legacy will be one of a cure for his peers, as the research is entering clinical trials soon. To learn more about MTM, visit joshuafrase.org

  • Jim Heffernan

    Jim Heffernan

    / Founder and CEO

    Jim was born in Albany, Oregon and raised in both Chicago, IL and Valparaiso, IN. He graduated from Valparaiso University in 1965 with a degree in civil engineering. He also completed in 1984 a Professional Management Development Program at the University of Chicago. Jim is passionate about real estate and has been an investor since the 1980’s. He has honed his skills in different market areas: Indiana, California, Washington State, and Florida since 2002. Prior to going into real estate full time in 1992, Jim held management and corporate officer positions in the bearing and aerospace industries with international responsibilities.

    In addition to his position with TCI Trinity Construction & Investment, Jim is currently the President and Founder of Capstone Residential, Inc., a Florida Real Estate Brokerage, Founder and CEO of KSN Investment Corp. a real estate investment company. Jim enjoys boating, fishing, traveling, the fine arts and serving his maker. Jim has three grown children and seven grand children. He says he will take up golf when he has enough time to commit to it.

Our Strategic Construction Partners


Construction starts with planning, design, and financing, then continues until the project is built and ready for use.

Construction requires a feat of human multitasking that we have mastered.

Residential Renovation is home improvement on vacant properties. Here are a few of our renovation projects:

Residential New Construction can be divided into

  • Large Tract Builders - Primarily national publicly owned companies
  • Small subdivision builders of 50, 75 or 100 lots
  • Boutique Builders of small communities or neighborhoods of less than 50 lots
  • Semi-Custom Spec. Builders
  • Custom Builders

TCI's Business Model focuses on Boutique and Semi-Custom spec building projects.


Redevelopment is creating opportunities for New Construction on a site that has obsolete pre-existing uses.

Redevelopment projects can range from a single building to an entirely new neighborhood.

Northeast Florida population will grow 67% by 2040.

- Census Bureau & University of Florida -

Northeast Florida population is growing

It is estimated that by 2040, the population in Northeast Florida will grow from 1.4M to 2.34M. Thus, Northeast Florida will grow on average 31,175 people per year. for the next 30 years. On a daily basis the area population will grow by 85 people per day. Considering that a household is currently 2.3 people, Northeast Florida will need to construct 38 new housing units plus replacements per day or 13,965 per year.

Stats and Facts

  • 100+ Aviation Defense Contractors
  • 3000+ Skilled Navy exit active duty in Jacksonville every year.
  • #2 city for Tech Job Growth
  • #5 Best Place to Live
  •

Northeast Florida Growth Driving Factors

Senior Migration

  • Low Cost of Living
  • No State Income Tax
  • Excellent Health Care
  • #11 US City for Cultural Venues

Cecil Field

  • #1 Largest Industrial Park in Southeast
  • #1 in Best Cities to Start a Business
  • #2 City with the most Vibrant Employment Scene

Navy Expansion

  • Lowest Operating Costs of all major U.S. bases
  • New Strategic Location with New Panama Canal
  • Tops the List of Cities with Best Logistic Infrastructure

We will work with you to grow your money

- Paul Frase -

We co-venture with your company or IRA

TCI incorporates real estate brokerage, construction management, finance, and real estate investment management into a seamless array of services. TCI's wide variety of investment opportunities include neighborhood renovation, rental portfolios, private mortgages, redevelopment, and new construction.

We streamline the investment process

We analyze, qualify, secure, manage, and prepare and present the investment to you. You receive the advantages of real estate investment without the headache of repairs and contractors, tenancy and eviction laws, legal fees and paperwork, listings, closings, monthly collections, unknowns and research which reduces risk.

Our investment opportunities are secured

Our investment opportunities are secured by real estate with an exit strategy and targeted returns estimated at the time of the investment! Additionally, through the use of various time-tested strategies, we are able to help our high income investors research techniques of trading income for tax benefits.


Having learned about investing in private mortgages has increased my monthly cash flow by 400% when compared to what the bank was giving me.

M.C. Trust

Being able to invest in Jacksonville and see neighborhoods improved gives us both satisfaction by helping improve our city while receiving a desirable profit.

D&J Holdings

Being actually involved in specific renovation and new construction projects and watching our retirement fund grow without all the work is a pure joy.

C&P Realty

Grow your money the smart way

- Jim Heffernan -

$4.2 Trillion in 401Ks
$6.5 Trillion in IRA
$10.7 Trillion keeps Wall Street rolling

40 Years of misinformation
Trillions of dollars put at greater risk than necessary
Yes, retirement funds can invest in Real Estate

For every dollar in an individual’s Personal Savings ACcount, there are $12 in their Retirement Savings Account

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